Wellie Yaple Sr. started with the Hoover Company in 1948 selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. In 1957, he went into business for himself, and Yaple’s Vacuum was born! They opened their doors on the corner of 23rd and French Streets, and had great success. Sewing machines were added years later, thus becoming Yaple’s Vacuum & Sewing Center. After a devastating fire in 1976, the business moved to its current location at 26th and Liberty, where they have remained for over 40 years.

Wellie Yaple II took over the family business after his father’s retirement. He continued his father’s legacy of doing business with an hand shake and a smile. He chose to sell quality products he felt he could support. He also appreciated the original style of the business. In fact, they continued to use hand-written receipts until 2008 when they upgraded to the POS system. The business has expanded over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the personal touch you find at a locally-owned family business.




Kristen Yaple became the third generation owner in 2011 after the untimely passing of her father, Wellie Yaple II. “I am very proud of what my father and grandfather accomplished, and I hope I can continue to do the same,” says Yaple. “I’ve learned everything I know about the vacuum and sewing industry from them, as well as the service and expertise of small businesses that you just cannot find at the “big box” stores. We see new customers every day. We see our loyal and repeat customers every day too.” After all, she says with a smile, “Our business is picking up!”

Yaple’s Vacuum and Sewing Center sells top brands like Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff, Hoover, Royal, Dyson, Sanitaire, Simplicity, Miele, and Sebo. They also service most brands of sewing machines and vacuums for the tri-state area, as well as perform warranty repairs for many. With over 150 years of combined experience, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Yaple’s is able to provide the same great service people have come to expect over the past 70+ years.